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7 Gifts Ideas for a Geek

Geeks, who take computer enthusiasm one step further and turn it into a larger part of their lives, even sometimes they are regarded as the people of another world by us. They certainly do not see the whole universe with codes of 1 and 0, but their interests and knowledge are generally different than the general human population. In this situation also their interests and pleasures are different from most of us.

Nowadays, nearly all of us have a software developer friend or family member. On every special day or moment, it becomes harder for us to select a gift for our friends.

So, what are our options if you want to buy gifts for a software developer and which gifts will be taken to a programmer without falling into a cliche? Let’s check our opportunities.

Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth Headsets

According to the research, listening to music is very helpful in providing concentration while working at the computer. Since software is a business that requires great attention, we recommend that you can always evaluate Bluetooth headsets while buying a gift for developer. Select a good one – they’ll love you for it.



Logitech Wireless Trackball


Dreaming of a mouse which can be used without moving which also looks like a future technology, it is now in our lives. The model M570 the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX is able to stop the dominance of classic mice with its unusual and user-focused design. Don’t forget to put this item on your list.


USB Cup Heater

USB Cup Heater Long nights, hours passing by the computer … Of course, coffee is the best friend of a software developer. But as he goes down to work, that coffee is forgotten and gets cold without taking the second sip. Which is an excellent measure against such frequent situations and as it is the most common problem of software developer you can put this gift at the top,  in your list. Thanks to your gift, the coffees will always stay warm after now.


USB Mini Refrigerator

During working on an important issue; it is always a nightmare for a developer to grab something from the fridge.  The USB mini fridge is a unique helper to keep drinks and snacks cool – right at their desk.


Leap Motion

Leap Motion

Taking touchscreen technology one step further, Leap Motion is also the product that brings the future to the present. You can move your hands and check your device as you like. It will be a great gift for your developer friend.



7-way USB Hub

Cables, software, hardware and inadequate ports … We always need much more ports than ever. So extra ports of USB a good and useful gift option for your geeky mate. Removing a device to attach another USB device will be history after this product.


Cloud Server

With the development of cloud computing technology in recent years, developers have turned to using a VPS to code on and test in an online environment. A DataKeepers Virtual Server is also perfect for someone starting out with Linux and wanting to experiment without breaking their own desktop. Our servers can easily be reinstalled as many times as you like. Distributions can also be changed between CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and more.

This would be an ideal gift to any person wanting to learn more about the world of servers, coding or simply running a TeamSpeak server.

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