What is VPS

What is a Virtual Private Server

What is a VPS? VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services you can choose for your website. It uses virtualization technology to provide a dedicated resource for multiple users on one server. In a shared hosting environment, all clients share resources from the […]

How to Block WordPress Spam Comments

By default WordPress allows readers to write comments under the posts. Comments are a great way to create an interaction with your readers and get feedback from them. But unfortunately, WordPress comments are constantly subject to spam messages. Spam comments are mostly sent by automatic software and contains links that lead to […]

Install Virtualmin

When purchasing a new VPS, one wonders how you will manage it for your needs. Especially if you are planning to use it for website hosting; managing it can be more tricky. The best option is to use some hosting panels on your VPS. There are numerous paid-for ones like […]

Shoutcast 2 Radio Installation – Online Radio Station

We all love listening to music and one of the oldest but still most demanded source are Radios. Today, radios have much more coverage advantage than the past with the help of the internet, they can reach all over the world without needing any beam tower or broadcast license. Also, […]

What is Canonical Tags

What is Canonical Tag?

Canonical tags, also known as Rel Canonical; are a way of telling search engines that a URL is the main URL of a page with multiple copies. Using canonical tag avoids problems caused by the duplicated content appearing on multiple URLs. In its simplest terms, the canonical tag tells search […]

Installing ClamAV on CentOS 7

Websites these day are getting more complicated and need much more resources than ever; consequently, a standard hosting account is not enough. The most common solution is to use a VPS. The easiest solution is to purchase a cPanel Virtual Server – we perform the initial setup, tweaks and provide […]

Sitemap Optimisation

13 Tips for Creating and Optimizing XML Sitemaps

Creating a sitemap is a very important point for the optimization of any website. Sitemaps, report the structure of your website to search engines and also include some metadata, such as: Specifies how often the pages are updated. It indicates when the pages last changed. Shows the importance level of […]

Gift Ideas

7 Gifts Ideas for a Geek

Geeks, who take computer enthusiasm one step further and turn it into a larger part of their lives, even sometimes they are regarded as the people of another world by us. They certainly do not see the whole universe with codes of 1 and 0, but their interests and knowledge […]

HTTPS Routing After WordPress SSL Setup

WordPress has become the most popular and most flexible CMS system in the world. It’s been used for blogs, web sites and even more commonly eCommerce operations. SSL certificates are thus becoming an absolute necessity.  As a bonus, SSL certificate will affects your SEO rankings positively with Google soon to not […]

MongoDB Installation on Centos

MongoDB is a scalable, document-oriented, open source, NoSQL database application which is developed with C ++. MongoDB is used especially in speedy and traditional relational databases (RDBMS) that are cumbersome and slow. That is a non-relational database. One of the distinctive features of MongoDB is, it can store data in […]