HTTPS Routing After WordPress SSL Setup

WordPress has become the most popular and most flexible CMS system in the world. It’s been used for blogs, web sites and even more commonly eCommerce operations. SSL certificates are thus becoming an absolute necessity.  As a bonus, SSL certificate will affects your SEO rankings positively with Google soon to not […]

MongoDB Installation on Centos

MongoDB is a scalable, document-oriented, open source, NoSQL database application which is developed with C ++. MongoDB is used especially in speedy and traditional relational databases (RDBMS) that are cumbersome and slow. That is a non-relational database. One of the distinctive features of MongoDB is, it can store data in […]

Chattr Command

Linux chattr Usage (Make Files Untouchable)

Especially in open source scripts such as WordPress or Joomla, you have seen hackers can infiltrate all files by plugins or themes. Hackers can also add a malware code on every file which is really hard to find and prevent. But how you can prevent that kind of attacks and […]

Free Panel Instalation

CyberPanel Setup (Free Web Hosting Panel)

The hosting industry is expanding and it is getting bigger every day with the help of new technologies. Web hosting control panels are one of the main parts of this business. Companies and individuals widely use these panels. As they are giving high ability to easily create a hosting environment […]

Setup and Install Fail2ban Centos 7

Fail2Ban Installation and Setup on CentOS 7

When you purchase or set up a linux virtual server, you also need to start to thinking about the security issues as soon as possible. Everyday attackers create new ways and tactics to compromise the servers. One of the most used attack types is Brute Force. This attack type is based […]

Advanced Find Command Examples

Advanced File and Folder Search at Linux

When you purchase a server or VPS they don’t come up with a GUI installation, so searching files over terminal screen or on SSH is the quickest and most used method. Indeed searching files over terminal windows gives us lots of opportunities, while you can search files or folder according […]

getting started with linux

Getting Started with Linux Commands

The following post lists some basic Linux commands and their functions: ls – Lists files and directories that exist within your current directory. This command resembles the dir command in Windows. ls -al – To view dotfiles (filenames that begin with a period) and additional file and directory details, add the […]