Private cloud servers

Physically separate hardware, customized to your needs

private cloud servers

Mix and match the best of our scalable, resilient Public Cloud infrastructure with the isolation, security and total control of dedicated physical hardware.

Your cloud, your way, just the way you want it! Run KVM or XEN on your dedicated Hypervisor - move existing private cloud resources to a Hybrid solution in record time!

  • host your AS with us

    Bring your own IP’s

    Announce your own IPs to your own server giving you maximum control of your networking.

  • premium bandwidth

    Dedicated Premium Connectivity

    Purchase guaranteed network connectivity to your private cloud. Connect directly from your location or via the internet.

  • custom configuration

    Hybrid Scalability

    Use public cloud for dynamic loads such as web or application front end servers, and deploy dedicated hardware for intensive workloads like databases, or for tasks requiring physical isolation.

  • isoloated virtualization

    Enhanced Security

    Get the enhanced security of a single tenant server with physically isolated compute, storage and networking layers as well as platform firewalling as standard.

  • quality hardware

    Only the best hardware

    We provide and run only Supermicro hardware with all SSD datacenter grade storage and the latest Skylake processors. No budget hardware, no 'white box' solutions.

Interested in getting a private cloud server?

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